New Construction

Our years in new construction provide a strong benefit for anyone considering a new home as well as for builders and investors. Here is an overview of our new construction services:

  • Buyers – You may be the type of homebuyer who definitely knows that a new construction home is the right choice for them. But even if you are not sure, our knowledge of new homes and developments will be of benefit when you are evaluating inventory.
  • Builders – We are always on the lookout for new dirt or teardowns that provide opportunity for the builders we have worked with – large and small. Whether you specialize in residential or multi-family, we know what to look for. If you want an advocate on your side, please reach out.
  • Sellers – Got land? Got a house that is in need of serious repair and it may make more sense to tear it down and start over? Give us a call! We love to help connect builders with land and opportunities!

Team approach. Meet with Amei and Kelly, It is all about you. Over 180 things to do with every listing. They have the tools to make sure that all those details are attended to. Often handle all the coordination with vendors. Getting ready and they will take that over. Bidding. Organize and execute all of that. Full-service model. Concierge. Focusing on hospitality. Expert vendors. Extensive list to help with any home prep project. Full service. Expert negotiation. Building the best terms.

It isn’t about the broker finding the house. It is about everything else. Don’t’ necessarily say this, but real estate transactions are very complex with the paperwork. The old photo needs to go. Video on this page. More about the team. Perk it up a bit.

What We Value

  • We ensure that everyone wins, earning respect from both sides of the table.
  • We do the right thing in every situation and place integrity above personal gain.
  • We create personal experiences for every client, which results in positive outcomes.
  • We take ownership of all problems and challenges. Our client(s) will never feel alone.
  • We communicate consistently, professionally, and thoroughly, in the way that works best for our clients.
  • We combine our vast experience with our ability to innovate, allowing us to seek the best result in any situation.
  • Everyone who touches a transaction is a part of our team, and we ensure that they feel like one of us. Win-­win does not stop at our clients.
  • We seek clarity, honesty and straightforwardness in all communication, and carefully examine feedback to ensure we are meeting this goal.
  • We succeed only if our clients succeed. We succeed because of, not in spite of, our clients.