The Inspection

The property inspection is one of the most important stages of the purchase process. This can also be a time when emotions and stress become elevated. Our job is to guide you through the inspection process, and give you the resources and opinions you’ll need to make good judgments.

You are free to use whatever inspection companies you wish. We will also be giving you some references of companies we use pretty consistently, but please keep in mind that we cannot warrant or guarantee the work done by the professionals we refer, in the same way you wouldn’t expect a friend to guarantee the work done by a dentist they refer to you. Also, we do not get anything from the professionals we refer, except the confidence that they’ve done a great job for us in the past.

Remember, all properties will have issues that come up – even in new construction! The inspector’s job will be to point out any defects they have identified and summarize these in a report. Often they will group these by minor issues and major issues. Once you receive the report, you can decide if you want to move forward with the home purchase, negotiate with the seller to fix any of the defects, or accept the property as-is.

A Home Inspector should:

  • Search for any structural, mechanical and/or other flaws in the property.
  • Inspect all heating, air conditioning, electrical wiring, plumbing and other systems in the home.
  • Examine the exterior of the house, including the roof, foundation, chimney, etc.
  • Look at the attic and the home’s interior for proper venting, insulation, electrical outlets, etc.
  • Test all appliances and plumbing fixtures to verify they are all in working condition.
  • Inspect all bathrooms for moisture and/or if it has affected the areas around the tub, shower or sink.
  • Check for insects, termites and other pests.

A Sewer Inspector will examine the sewer line that runs from the home to the main city line. Using a video cable, the inspector is able to visually inspect the materials & condition of the line. Knowing the condition of the line in addition to any potential repair and maintenance issues is very important before purchasing a home as sewer repairs can be very costly.

Some homes require additional specialized inspections such as with structural engineers, geotechnical experts, mold abatement specialists, or others. As your representatives, we will work with you and help you make the connections you need to find out as much as you need to be comfortable.